Mold Testing Oregon City

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An Advanced Mold Testing service for Oregon City residentsMold Testing Oregon City

Our detailed mold testing process is the first step in properly removing toxic mold and improving air quality in your home. Even if you’re not sure where or if mold has grown in your residence, we will thoroughly examine your home, analyze our findings to determine the root cause of any potential danger, and determine how to remove it. Call Rescom Restoration today to begin the process of getting your home back to healthy living conditions. Our professional team uses advanced methods to find and remove any toxic mold while keeping your house intact.

Mold Sampling

At the mold inspection, we collect air and contact samples to determine the presence of mold in your home. Air testing will determine the presence of spores, even if the mold isn’t visible yet. While you may not see mold, these spores can float through the air and cause respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and general fatigue and illness. We will also take contact samples of any visible mold that can be analyzed to determine the extent of mold contamination in your home. This initial task is important in determining source and severity of any mold-related infestation. By taking these samples, we’ll be able to locate mold in any part of your home.

Mold Analysis

Once mold samples have been collected, we transport them to an offsite laboratory for examination. This independent third-party laboratory will make sure the results you receive are completely unbiased and won’t lead to unnecessary mold treatment. The mold spores we collect are so small that the lab must examine them under a microscope to determine the type of mold and ultimately the extent of its growth in your Oregon City home. This process generally takes 4 to 5 business days and will help us to determine the method of treatment to pursue in removing the mold. By analyzing the findings, the lab will ultimately help us determine the level of urgency needed for remediation; if the mold is discovered to be highly allergenic or toxic, we will help you in taking immediate steps to remove it.

Mold results and additional steps

After thoroughly collecting and testing any findings from your home, we will have a better understanding of the variety and extent of the mold growth. Our next process in improving your home’s air quality will be to determine the source of the mold and eliminating it. Our dry fog removal process specializes in eliminating mold from every corner of your building without damaging your house, so you won’t even have to worry about demolishing walls. This proven and patented dry fog technology will wipe out toxic mold from virtually any building, breaking down microbes on a molecular level without even causing water damage.

Mold Testing is a small, but important part of the mold removal process. We’ll cover any and every nook and cranny in your home. From attics, basements, and garages, to duct work, HVACs, and crawlspaces, you’ll get a thorough examination to determine the best possible solution to get your home back to a healthy air quality as soon as possible.

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Effective mold testing and removal for oregon City

Mold Testing designed for Oregon City Homes

Rescom Mold Removal is a locally owned and operated business that understands the needs of homes in the Pacific Northwest. We thoroughly know the Lake Oswego area and regularly service its homes. We’re committed to killing mold for good while maintaining the integrity of your living space. Whether you need to survey for potential mold infestations or you need immediate removal service, call us and we’ll get your problem taken care of!