Mold Removal Beaverton

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Remove mold safely and thoroughly from your Beaverton home

For the past 15 years, Rescom has devoted our business to completely removing mold from Beaverton and other locations in the greater Portland Metro area.  Our revolutionary mold removal techniques have allowed us to eradicate mold from homes quickly and efficiently, all while minimizing damage. Our commitment to excellence also ensures your home will look just the way it was before any fungal infestation. We’ll walk through each step of the mold removal process to make your home a healthy living space once again. From the initial stages of testing for mold and finding the source, to completely removing the problem and repairing the damages caused from it, we’ll travel to your Beaverton home to solve any mold-related issue.

We’ll find and assess the mold in your Beaverton home to determine the most efficient solution possible

We’re happy to examine any potential mold infestation in your Beaverton home as the first step in determining a safe and quick mold removal plan. On service calls, we’ll examine any part of your home from living rooms and kitchens to attics, garages, and crawlspaces, and we’ll take samples of any physical mold we see, as well as air samples that may contain mold spores. The samples from this initial assessment are then sent to a third-party lab to determine the severity of the mold and how urgent it needs to be dealt with. Molds types can range from allergenic molds that cause serious allergic reactions to toxigenic and pathogenic molds that can prove deadly. Analyzing the type of mold is important to determining the urgency of your situation. From here, we’ll help you plan the remediation process as well as the eventual removal and containment of any mold in your home.

Our revolutionary dry fog technology will ensure safe and quick mold removal in your Beaverton home

Rescom uses a patented dry fog technology to quickly remove mold from your Beaverton home without ruining any interior surfaces. Dry fogging sterilizes any mold-affected rooms, killing spores in the air and penetrating walls and ceilings to eliminate the mold growing beneath them. Dry fog uses a sterilant to dissolve the outer membrane of mold spores, while also creating a layer of microscopic preventative molecules to attract and kill any mold spores that re-enter your home’s environment.  This method not only keeps your house intact, but sterilizes 100% of the mold at a fraction of the cost of other removal procedures. The Dry fog procedure is also 100% non toxic and usually takes one day to accomplish.

Our mold abatement procedure will make sure mold is removed from your Beaverton home for good

If the mold growth in your Beaverton home has become to severe to remove with dry fog, our abatement process will safely cut out any problem areas while maintaining the integrity of your living space. following any surface removal, we’ll also restore your home from water damage, contain the source where the moisture was coming from, conduct pre and post-abatement air quality testing, and finish with restorative repairs that return your home to its previous condition. Call today if you have a major mold growth that needs to be physically removed immediately; we are available for same day and emergency services including Sundays and after hours.