Mold Abatement Portland

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Mold Abatement Portland

Put An End To Your Mold With Mold Abatement in Portland

We provide complete mold abatement for Portland residents that gets rid of your mold once and for all. If sterilization isn’t enough, we’ll extract the moldy surfaces of your home to prevent further expansion.

Before any amount of demolition, our mold abatement services consider the severity and extent of your mold problem.

  • Complete removal of all mold
  • Water damage restoration
  • Pre and post-abatement air quality testing
  • Containment of moisture source
  • Restorative repairs to return your home to previous condition
  • Paintovers and refinishing
  • Unbiased, third party lab testing

Our plan is always to cause as little demolition as necessary to rid your home of mold. If our non-invasive mold treatments aren’t enough, Rescom Restoration will do whatever it takes to make sure your mold and mildew go away for good.

Get your home back to a clean slate.
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Black Mold Removal Portland

Stop mold growth in its tracks

For extensive mold problems, biocides may not be enough. That’s because even mold that has been killed can cause respiratory and allergic issues if present in large quantities.

Toxic mold can lead to permanent conditions that could have been avoided with adequate mold abatement.

After we kill it, we make sure there’s nothing left that could do further damage.

While our less intensive applications can completely neutralize active mold, extensive mold growth may require cutting out the affected pieces of your home to completely resolve.

If you want to eliminate every trace of mold from your home, give us a call today.